Agrilife, together with EURO environmental services, can provide a comprehensive environmental service for customers

Agrilife can provide a full biosolids management service from the production and treatment of biosolids the application and land management All activities are carried out in full compliance with relevant legislation EPA and Dept of Agriculture requirements.

For further details or proposal on how we can manage your biosolids, please contact:

Agrilife Limited, Tourin, Lismore, County Waterford.



BIOSOLIDS provide a high source of nutrient and organic matter suited to AGRICULTURAL requirements









  • A comprehensive examination of all Local Authority sludges.
  • Proposals on the sterilisation and production of biosolid fertiliser.
  • Completion of comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans based on code of practice etc.
  • Maintenance of biosolids register, and details of all waste applied to land and in storage, according to regulations and any other requirements of the Local Authority
  • Carrying out full analysis of biosolid, at agreed frequencies for metal analysis, cadmium, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, mercury and nutrient analysis for nitrogen, phosophorus, potassium and % dry matter
  • Provision of advice to farmers on nutrient applications and assessment of the benefits arising.
  • Implementation of plan and detailed audit trail for all biosolids landspread.
  • Recommendations and costings on how the mass waste can be reduced
  • Proposals on the diversion of the waste stream generated, from landfill to useful land application as a fertiliser.
  • Sourcing and location of suitable farm applications, where possible within the County Council area
  • Provision of storage facilities of biosolids during no-spread periods.









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